House (not the tv show or the movies)
Where'd the week go?

no surprise



As I expected, even with proper planning I couldn't avoid someone else's mistakes during my move back to the States.  First, all my change of address updates still couldn't stop one of my banks from mailing to the wrong address.  Secondly, even after sending a few reminders to our financial gurus, my service-needs-differential pay still hasn't shown up in my bank account.  And lastly, my unaccompanied air baggage (UAB) that was to arrive in the States first, got held up because someone at the airline didn't understand what unaccompanied means.  New airline regs as of last Nov prevent unaccompanied luggage from being shipped as excess baggage when the passenger is not on the same plane.  Luggage without a passenger has to be shipped as cargo.  So I'll get to wait another week or more on my UAB shipment until the shipper can find cargo space on another plane somewhere in Moscow.  And my guitar gets to sit there as well gently weeping..

But on the bright side, I met with a fencing company this week for a quote on building a new fence for the front of the house.  I'm looking forward to having an enclosed backyard again, not only for the dog but for my own enjoyment.  

Before the meet with the fencing contact, I took some time to walk around my future neighborhood in Falls Church.  It's just a short distance from two different bus lines and two major highways. There's also several elementary and high schools nearby.  All the better for turning my house into a rental in the future.

But for now, I'm still renting until the actual close date the first week of June.  It looks like everything will go through we're just waiting on the title to be checked for all the previous owner history and then I'll sign the paperwork. 



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