When does the moat go in?
The neglected 5th of July

muddy days ahead


No HHE or car yet.  Today I learned my shipment was randomly selected for inspection by the USDA in Seattle.  When they opened the ship's container, they found mud and dirt on my car tires.  Strange, since I washed the car and specifically scrubbed the tires before I left.  Visions of Russians off-roading with my car pop into my mind.

USDA informed the shipping company that the container must be re-exported, destroyed, or cleaned.  Thankfully, I didn't have to tell the shipper not to destroy it.  So now everything's on hold until they can find a company to basically wash the container and my car.  But it won't happen until next week.  Guess there are a lot of dirty containers at port.

At least I have my UAB.  It's not much in terms of all my stuff, but a couple extra suits, more dishes, and bedding do help.  Even Lucia received all her dog supplies so that's a plus.


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Heather Dray

You have been featured on this week's State Department Blog Round-Up! Please email me if you disagree with the content or would like to have the link removed. Thank you for your hard work! Heather @ http://thewanderingdrays.blogspot.com/2011/06/week-ending-62411-fs-rodeoround.html

Nomads By Nature

10 years now in the State Department and I have never heard of a story like this! Will be sure to triple check the undercarriage the next time we PCS. Hope you get your car and HHE soon!


. . and have your sponsor check it before it goes on a boat.

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