Project Underground: splitting stairs
Low..ri..der.. Take a little trip with me

Project Underground: There's something on the wing!

All your base belong to dust
You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of shoe molding and pneumatic-nailers but of miter saws.  A journey into a wondrous land whose baseboards are that of imagination. That's the sawhorse up ahead-your next stop, the Perimeter Zone!

Baseboards are something I take for granted until they start to show wear and tear.  When I started thinking about what to put in the basement, I had to look at what was already installed in the rest of the house to remember what I actually had.  The kind above came from Home Depot.

It took a little practice but pretty soon I had coping and miter cuts down, along with figuring out how to transitions trim over different floor heights. I had a bit of a floor drop along one wall, consisting of a tile and hardwood floors.  And another more radical change between the last step and my hardwood.  I like showing the transition.  Here's an example of how the cuts are made..

Baseboard miter cuts

Finished baseboard 1
Finished baseboard 2
So if you get the cracks just right, they'll be hidden with a little help from Spackle and paint. 

The inner and out corners were a little tricky.  But once I figured out how to do coping cuts for inner corners, it looked a lot better than trying to adjust a miter cut for a corner that wasn't perfectly square.  Here's someone else (HomeAdditionsPlus) showing how to make the cuts on YouTube. 

Unfortunately, you can't cut the outer corners like that.  I used a simple carpenter's protractor to measure the outer corner and divided the total to get the miter angle I needed.Protractor

All in all, I hadn't realized it was going to take a week just to run all the trim around the floor.  But after learning a few new tricks, I'm happy with the results. The dog on the other hand, she's just happy the floors are clean again.

Baseboard completed


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