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  • 2004-2005 in Sudan

    2005-2007 in Australia

    2007-2011 in Russia

    2011 in U.S.A.

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Biography is my blog about life overseas and domestically, while working for the U.S. Department of State's Foreign Service. I'm a Foreign Service Specialist responsible for communications and computers systems in U.S. Embassies and Consulates around the world. I'm presently on a domestic assignment in DC.

The website's name is an electrical analogy comparing U.S/foreign life. We use 110volts to power simple devices, whereas most of the world uses 220volts. Living abroad feels like a “cultural transformer” is needed at times to adjust. Some unintended 110 applications in 220v situations can cause the occasional disconnect if you know what I mean.

This site is maintained, paid for, and occassionally washed by me. My posts are my opinions/editorials only and should not be confused with those of the U.S. Government.

For those seeking U.S. Government views on foreign policy, I suggest going to one of their many public websites and stop pulling up to my site to ask for directions.

Thank you