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Defender's day 2011

Feb 18th was Defender's Day in Russia.  Each year women honor their men with a day of thanks.  The men reciprocate their thanks to women on March 8th.  

This year, the ladies at work put together a fun ceremony where all the men were honored with gifts and a video.  We had to guess which video was for each of us.  Mine wasn't too difficult, as soon as I saw a little Russian boy singing about his dog, Lyusi, I knew it was mine.

Here's the video-


dog park discovered! err sort of

never let it be said i don't admit when i'm wrong.  last saturday i took lucia for a long walk at one of the nicer parks in the city.  on the way to it, we walk thru a smaller, wooded area.  during our outing this time, i ran into one of the same dog walkers i'd seen there before.  and as an added bonus, another dog walker was there with his dog.  we chatted for quite away while our dogs introduced themselves.  lucia seemed a bit nervous having two other dogs around, usually we only run across single dogs when we're out and about.  

during our chat, in russian, i learned they usually come out daily around 6pm to let their dogs play.  i haven't had the chance to go back in the evening since i just get off work around that time and would have to fight about 40-60min of traffic to get back to the park.  but we'll try it sometime when i can finish up early.

both the walkers had well mannered dogs, one was a little smaller than lucia and couldn't get enough of her while the other was just as shy as lucia and tended to stay away.  the shy one also had a funny habit of only coming up close to lucia if she could lick her in the face.  lucia always jumped away when this happened and both dogs would circle around until their paths crossed for another face licking.

before we left, lucia did her business and i scooped it up with one of my baggies.  i only mention this because the gentleman immediately offered me one of his packets to use.  i had already produced mine and did the deed of cleaning up after her.  so he then offered to show me where we could dispose of it.  i didn't recalled where a nearby trash can was, so i followed him down the path to what must be a bin somewhere i'd overlooked.  he stopped short in a tree covered area with lots of brush and pulled back a bush branch to reveal a hidden stash of other doggie bags laying on the ground.  he quickly tossed my bag in with the rest.  my jaw dropped and i was too surprised to say anything.  even now i think of that poo pile hiding in the bushes and hope nobody saw me contribute to its stinky bounty.  he seemed very satisfied at showing me how they clean-up after the dogs, so i didn't have the heart to tell him i don't mind carrying it for a 1/2 block to a trash can further up the road.  

so beware when walking through bushes.  sometimes the road less traveled is that way for a reason.


russian cursing

what do you do when you hear someone swearing in a foreign language?

i haven't gone out of my way to learn how to articulate cussing in russian, but after a couple years you can't help but pick up some of the more colorful adult vernacular.  

today i was sitting at someone's desk, fixing a problem when a nearby co-worker said "блин!".  which is actually the polite way of saying what they really meant to say which was "блядь".    in this case, the english version of sh--t or he-double hockey sticks.  

i played dumb but took notice the person was upset with his computer.  this was quickly verified as i was called over shortly thereafter to fix said problem.  after fixing it, i was tempted to say "see? it's only a computer not a блядь".  but right now it more fun to eavesdrop when no one thinks i'm listening. 

birthday cruise


С днём рождения:  "Happy Birthday"

on my birthday, i took a day off so we could enjoy a nice lunch at mario giovanni's and a sailboat ride around the harbor.

i been on several ships and boats but never a sailboat, so it was a nice way to end the day.  Here a snap of the captain.


he's a friend of my girlfriend and always happy to take guests out for a ride, especially the ladies.   beautiful weather and a great day to be on the water.