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November 2004

Elizabeth Colton

Day before Thanksgiving. We had a Thanksgiving spread at work which was very nice although some folks complained about the high cost of the lunch ticket. I decided to work late today. As I was getting ready to leave I ran into Liz Colton, who was back from being on vacation for a couple weeks. We grabbed dinner at one of the other India restaurants that I hadn't tried yet. Liz, I discovered shortly after her arrival is a celebrity in the News media. She was the journalist that followed Allied troops heading into Kuwait City. While being the first to cover the breaking story, eleven Iraqi soldiers surrendered to her. The white-flag-waving Iraqis approached Liz by shouting in Arabic: "No water, no eat. We want peace. George Bush good. Saddam Hussein bad." Liz pointed them toward a POW collection camp. If you ever saw Three Kings with George Clooney, you'll know what I'm talking about. During the 1980s, She covered the Middle East as a war correspondent for ABC and NBC News, bureau chief for Newsweek and reporter for NPR. And also was the Press Secretary to Jesse Jackson during his 1988 presidential campaign. She's seen a lot and it was great to get advice from her regarding travel and what places I should consider working in in the future. It still amazes me who you can run into while living this life overseas. Well, I need to wrap this up and get some sleep.

cold front moves in, temps below 100 expected

I have to mention the weather here is amazing right now. There's a cool breeze that blows all day and the temp drops below 100. I still work and walk around in short sleeve shirts but notice local residents are starting to wear coats to work, pull over sweaters and even the occasional stocking hat shows up. I can see why it happens since there's nothing to compare the warm weather too if you've lived most of the time in Africa. Even a cold rain makes me start to shiver now and I've only been here about 4 months.

cat takes a trip to the v.e.t.

Finally found a day to take the cat to the vet. She didn't like it at all. I remembered how much she didn't when I got her out to the car. I planned ahead and got a driver to pick me up. I figured I'd have my hands full and I did. The hospital was just a short drive away. When I got there I was met by one of the doctors. We exchanged greetings and he led me down a long sidewalk bordered by kennels. The hospital is actually Khartoum's training grounds for police dogs. So here I was walking with a scared cat clutching my chest, while German Shepards welcomed her. We finally reached the waiting room and I met Dr. Allie. He's a big guy that reminded me of Indiana Jones' Egyptian friend in the Lost Ark. We talked awhile about the hospital and how the dogs are raised from pups. Eventually, we got around to my cat, Boo. He gave her a tranquilizer and I left her in his hands… That afternoon I came back to pick her up. She was like I expected, zonked out from the medication and shaved cleanly where they had to operate. I put her in a carrier I had fashioned and took her home. The next day and a half was spent making sure she didn't knock herself out tripping into something while she recovered. When I got home from work on the 24th she was finally able to meet me at the door wide awake.

organic free range shrub

Spent the day worshipping Rah. Actually, just shot some hoops, practiced juggling for an upcoming show, and did some reading pool side. Felt great having a off day to hang out at home. Even did some yard work around the house. We do have a gardener but his duties seem to be throwing a hose on anything that looks dry and that's about it. Every town house has a large shrub between them and since one of the tenants trimmed hers, I realized the one I shared looked pretty ratty in comparison. Dave, my next door neighbor, saw me as I was preparing to do some cutting and joined in to help. After a little labor and a lot of dust and dead branches we had a respectable shrubbery again. It also gave me another excuse to jump in the pool. By law, every expat home in Africa should have a pool. Not being use to just one season all year, it's become more of a necessity than a luxury. Even with sun block 50 on today, I still got a little red. I have to admit my legs needed a little color. Up until now, you could only look directly at them with the use of a special solar eclipse shoebox you use to make in science class….The website is coming along, I put up a download page that I'll add more to later. The first and only thing on it was a test movie I made of my cat. Since I don't have a regular IP for my provider, I'm not using FTP. But if you try it you can either right click and open it up in another window or right click and choose save link target as. The former will play it online and the latter will download it to your local drive for amusement later…Cheers.

new pics

Uploaded a bunch of new pics to the photo section. Still playing around with my Canon digital camera. Not being any kind of photographer, it's been a pleasure to play with and I've been happy with the quality of the pictures. And for pics that I can't get just right, there's always Photoshop to clean them up. I have a long weekend off due to the end of Ramadan this weekend. We get a few days off to recoup.