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vacation winding down

"This is the end . ." as Jim Morrison said so long ago.  My vacation is winding down and I accomplished about everything I set out to do while home.  Still haven't seen "Revenge of the Sith".  Did you know Star Wars had 5 movies that came after the original?  I wonder if anyone has seen it.  Hopefully, I'll find a theater that will be playing it when I get back to DC.  Looking forward to a couple of days back there just to hang out and tie up a couple business loose ends.

Still waiting on my final paperwork to being my processing for Sydney.  Just a couple months left in Sudan before I'm on the way.  Being from the midwest and never living near beaches will be an experience I'm looking forward to. 

It's been nice getting my music, movie and tv fix but I've grown tired of the "Total Makeover Bachelor Fear Survival Apprentice Factor" experience that seems to have taken over the tv airwaves.. 

For all those friends and relatives I didn't get to see, my apologies.  I only had a couple weeks and that got cut short a couple days since I have to hit DC on the way back.  Guess if anyone ever gets to Sydney they can send me an email and I can put them up during their visit.   

I'll be in Khartoum again soon, with more stories to tell.


Nothing new to add to the blog. Spending most of my time studying and eating out while in the States. Weather has been cold but I don't mind. I have been getting back into exercising now that there's a gym within easier access during training. Ran into an a classmate from last year so it's been nice to have someone around with a car and a taste for frosty beverages. Weekends have been filled with trips around DC and errands I've had to run. Still need to get my cinema fix but that will probably have to wait until later. Another busy weekend coming up and then it's off to the Midwest for some R&R.