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rain discovered

After 10 months of Sudan's dry hot weather, tonight the skies dumped so much rain the streets were flooded almost a foot deep in some spots. I got caught out in the middle of it and had to drive home. The water wasn't the only thing flooding the streets as anyone stuck outside was also roaming some of the downtown areas waiting to catch the next bus. Hundreds of people were trying to catch buses and as a result the tide of would be passengers were coming out in the streets to meet the buses. It was slow going but after an hour I finally made it home. I remember coming during the tail end of the rainy season, so this has been full circle for me now. With the ground made of clay, all of the water sits where it falls. So you begin to have ponds and lakes where there was once open space. I hope to get some pictures tomorrow

forecast calls for heavy . . sand

This sandstorm rolled over the city quickly Thursday. I was watching from work as it blocked out the skyline in a matter of minutes. Check out my photo gallery to the left for more pics.

In latest news, John Garang has come to the city this weekend. Causing what was said to be a million people to see him arrive at the airport. I steered clear of the major populus and enjoyed a half a day off. When I talked with any of the locals, there is a common agreement that Mr. Garang would help to bring change to Sudan's government. He will serve as Vice President and represent the SPLA. He led Southern Sudan in the fight agaisnt the Muslim North during the civil war between the two. The SPLA is the military arm of the SPLM, Sudan's People Liberation Movement. While the government here has been accused of atrocities against it's people, Mr. Garang has also had accusations agaisnt his war time practices. But with any war, no one is innocent. I could see the apparent amazement in all of the southerns i talked to. They thought the day would never come when the former enemy of President Bashir, would arrive in the city of Khartoum to become Vice President. It is a great milestone for Sudan's 20 year history of civil war, to see these two men finally meet in peace. Now will be the time, as the world watches, to see if Sudan will be able to continue making strides towards peace and ending the fighting in the West.