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August 2005

bike brakes are evil

Took a spill on my new bike already but none the worse for wear as my arm is recovering nicely. Fortunately it was in a safe area when i took a header over the handlebars. Note to self always use the back brake first.

I've been churning out the miles touring around the suburbs of Sydney with a pal from work. During my first weekend outing, we toured the Ka-Ring-Gai National park and Bobbin Head park and road.

Last weekend we started out towards Watsons Bay and hoped to head to Bondi beach but ended up going off course and trekking around Double bay and then the Botanical gardens. About that time I decided to take a spill in front of several bystanders and a wedding photo shoot.

The good news is, the bike came out unscathed except for a broken spring on my bell ringer. Nothing to do with my bodily parts, it really was the bell on the bike.

I'm planning on some more journeys for the weekend and a special surprise for my birthday coming up in a couple days. Due to the American Labor Day this upcoming Monday, I'll be able to squeeze it all in.

The most troublesome part of being in Sydney is the tremendous amount of activities to pick from. I'm holding steady with keeping up with work and also planning ahead for the weekends.

Here's a few beautiful shots of what I get to see every morning on my ferry ride into work and the end of day trip back home.

The Sydney Opera House welcomes me each morning, while the Bay Bridge taunts me with the challenge of riding over it like the rest of the commuters.

here and now

Just a quick note to say I arrived in Sydney on Aug 5th.  I just got around to getting internet access on the 7th.  Up until now I've been busy with the first day of work and then touring my neighborhood for groceries and the different shops available.  I can't think of one thing I'm missing that I couldn't find if I looked.

I can tell already I'm going to need a bike to get around easier.  The buses, ferries and trains are great but for just a quick ride to the shops or a movie, I'd rather bike it.  Plus, I've already found some nice paths for running and biking.

The view out my apartment overlooks the city and the bay.  Enuf said, I'll get some pictures up soon..

Wishing the folks and friends in Khartoum well and safe.

civil unrest in khartoum

The recent accidental tragedy of Vice President John Garang's death in a helicopter crash Saturday evening, (His death was confirmed Monday morning), which has caused an outbreak of violence in the city.  It appears Southerners in the outer areas of the city have taken to setting fires and causing senseless random attacks.  I witnessed a mass exodus of hundreds of people earlier yesterday morning as it appeared they were answering the call to demonstrate. Unfortunately, a group of people can sometimes not think in times of anger as clearly as one person. 

I have delayed my departure due to the events and am waiting to see how things go today.  Hopefully, the calls for calm after this tragic death of Garang will be heard. 

Three days of national morning have been called and Bush is sending peace envoys to help.


my first year

I haven't made an entry due to the glut of things to do before I leave Sudan. So one last entry before I hit the tarmac one last time.

Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice during her visit last week.

A stop at Khalifa's house to visit the museum I never thought I'd be able to make time to see. Look up Gordon and Sudan around the turn of 1900 and you'll find out more.

Emmanuel, Nadir, me, Abdalla, and Abubakar
-My best friends in Khartoum-

A few flashbacks . . Juggling for the kids at the Camel Market


What happens when everyone cleans a rug at the same time

My first year abroad with the Foriegn Service is over. I've made several friends and will miss them all, as I move on to my next post in Sydney. It was an amazing and enlightening year and I lack the words to do it justice. I wish everyone peace and blessings as I know Khartoum will stay in my heart as a place where the people are so very kind. God bless and I hope to come back soon to see Southern Sudan and more of this beautiful continent.

Regards, Dan Sweet - Diplomat