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adaminaby - snowy mountains

Well, latest news:  I ventured down to Adaminaby this weekend to take in their annual horse race.  The town is around 450km southwest from Sydney, and about 50km away from the nearest larger city of Cooma. 

Adaminaby - Home of the Big Trout

Trout fishing is very popular in the rivers that run by the town. They even had a cold rush back around 1859 when gold was first discovered.  The town is populated with around 400 people.  But when I arrived last Friday, I was told we could expect more than that to turn out for the horse races. 

I had driven down to Adaminaby with a couple local Aussie friends from work and met up in Cooma, with a friend from the American Embassy in Canberra.  We stayed up in the hills of the Snowy mountains with a friend of my Aussie colleagues, at his cabin he built by himself over the years.  My thanks go out to Mark "Col." Sanders for putting up a couple Americans for the weekend in his cabin.  Several others joined us at the cabin and eventually we headed to one of the local pubs for some dinner and drinks.  After driving all day and having a few beers without eating much, I had to put up with a bit of a headache most of the night.  The only down side of the weekend was the waiting for my food to finally get to the table.  I ordered first but got mine last.  After getting some food in me I felt great again. 

We spent all day Saturday at the racetrack and did some punting on the horses.  I was ahead most of the day until a couple upsets cause me to break even.  Not bad but I wish I had stuck with a long shot I was going to bet on called "Dancing Bueaucrat"  It paid 7 to one and I backed out at the last minute after checking the horse before the race.  You guessed it, it won..

Saturday night we all headed back to Mark's cabin for some barbaque, stories and bad jokes. 

Sunday, I got up early to get a run in but between the morning rain, cow pies and a bull that didn't like me running through his paddock, I had to cut the workout short. 
We had breakfast and waited for everyone to get rolling out of bed and then loaded up the cars for the trip home.  It was a long drive but the weekend was worth the trip.

still putting affairs in order

My apologies for not updating. I'm still writing up the details of my New Zealand trip before it all goes off into my muddled memory. I've gotten several of the pics loaded but still need to do some cleanup before posting. Getting back to work and the regular routine at home has added to the lack of time to get postings up. But I should have it done by Thanksgiving. I've finally gotten a handle on the remaining boxes left to unpack. Not bad after almost 4 months of being here. In my defense I only got the last shipment about a week or so before I was leaving for NZ. Cheers, check back later. Dan

on holiday in new zealand


After an excellent week in New Zealand, I'm on my way back to the shores of Australia.  I'll be adding a seperate section on how the week went and will have the photos uploaded after a day or two.  I filled up the 256mb on the digi and went through a couple rolls of 35mm, so you can imagine the beauty and awe inspiring views of NZ.  Although I was told repeatedly by others before I left about the kindness of kiwis', it was still a pleasant surprise to see it.  I'd have to admit I haven't had a perfect vacation like this, since I was in San Fran 10 years ago.  Everything clicked and the usual stressful rigors of planning a trip never came up.  I made a ton of friends and got to visit with trampers from the U.K, New Zealand, Australia (Queensland and Tazmania), and America (east and west coast).

It's not often you feel homesick for a city after only being there 10 days.  The first day of rain during my holiday appeared this morning, my feelings were in sync with the weather.  I'm already working on when I can come back and for how long. So after leaving Queenstown this morning, I stopped off in Christchurch for the day. A little relaxation is planned after several days of tramping.

More details later, Dan