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Do you hear that, Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability.

What would you do if one day you arrived at work and saw Agent Smith waiting outside your door?  Well that's what happened to me today.  Hugo Weaving, the infamous Agent for all the Matrix movies visited us to arrange for a trip to the states.  With all the work he did over the last 10 years, he's gotta be one of the hardest working actors when it comes to traveling. LOTR in New Zealand, Matrix trilogy, and all his other movies covering a decade and more.  Little moments like that make up for any crappy week you're having.  But now the question remains, was it real?

Australia Day tomorrow.  I plan on soaking in some sun and relaxing all day.  Probably take a dip in the rock pool and watch the harbor boats during the bridge race. 

A dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. .

Had an eye check up a couple weeks ago.  Looks like the lasik surgery did the job.  I'm still enjoying the change.  Finally made it up to Manly beach last weekend.  And of course I forgot to bring my camera along. I did end up chatting with the vendors halking their wares at the Sunday market there and picked up some cool stuff.  One of the vendors had created some miniture pictures frames with real Australian stamps enclosed, from the 30's to 50's. 

I'm alternating my dvd viewing now and have moved on to the first season of the original Twilight Zone.  The actors in their beginning careers are worth it alone just to have the first season.  A nice surprise was seeing commentary included by some of the actors.  Too bad Rod Serling was a chain smoking fool.  It'd have been nice to see what he would of done with his creative talents in his golden years. 

Found a rock pool just a couple blocks from my house.  5 months here and I didn't even realize it was there.  I'd walked a footpath by it several times and finally went down to check it out last weekend.  It's a swimming pool that was created out of the rocks on the shore line in the harbour.  Good to know I can walk down for a quick dip during a hot day with out having to venture all the way to the beaches.

Before there were X-files

If you grew up in the US during the 70's, you'll remember disco, the bicentennial, bad suits, and the recovery a nation after a failed war in Vietnam.  I was too young to remember more than a few fleeting images of the war on TV.  Looking back now we were in the beginning stages of really judging how our government plays well with others. I grew up Democrat and always opposed Republicans views with counterpoints of my own.  But through the years and comparing track records, I've come to believe each party reacts the same. As a voter, I try to pick those candidates that I feel are going to make a difference.  Unfortunately, once in office, a politican will be swayed by those that help put them there. This leaves one feeling bittersweet about the choices they made and having to wait until the next election if unhappy with the current results. 

During the 80's, I remember the Reagan years caused us to worry about heading into the next great war, with arms build ups, bomb drops on Tripoli  (Khadafi), retaliation attack against a US troop barrack, invading Grenada (distracting from the barracks attack),  Iran-contra, and the US backing of Noriega, Hussain and others. What I thought of at the time, was why is the media missing the basic questions.  I'm not going to go into detail with what is already easily found with a little research. But, I don't buy what seems to be the mantra, in the name of Democracy.  Some of the US backed foreign leaders replaced others that had already begun to change to a democratic system.  The Sandinista movement in Nicaragua is one example.  Where the corrupt Somoza dynasty (US supported unfortunately) was overthrown by the Sandinistas.  Leaders from Somoza's National Guard were included in the "contras", as a counterrevolutionary force. Thus began the involvement of the US.

If you want an eye opener just look into the amount of money the US gave to El Salvador during Reagan's first year.  30 years prior it was a total of around 16 million.  His first year, it was 82 million.  And this was during the US demands for human rights to be recognized by the El Salvador government, which were ignored while the govt continued to kill its peasants.

So the next time you watch the news, don't just take the word of the talking head on the screen.  Crack open a book, watch some international news for some alternate view points and do a little fact checking to see why a government is involved in the business of another.  It's hard to see any white or black hats when all the grey hats are being worn.


Getting back to my thoughts on the 70's, there was a show on ABC, called "Kolchak - the Night Stalker". It ran for a couple years and was the precursor to the "X-files" that ran from the mid 90's for several years. 

Darren McGavin (before A Christmas Story)

as Carl Kolchak

At the time, I remember I watched it for the scare factor but looking back it had a distinct conspiracy theme.  The premise was a lone reporter fighting to reveal the real causes of murder cases.  But due to police coverups, his editor's disbelief, or the lack of evidence to substantiate the story, Kolchak could never get anyone to believe what he had seen. In all the episodes, he always ended up sending the supernatural killer back to where it came.  I always tuned in, hoping to see if he would some how figure out a way to film, record or get a witness to back up his story.  But everytime, the narration was the same, his pictures were taken away by the police or witnesses were asked to leave town.  That couldn't happen today with all the tabloid tv available.  Witnesses would sign the first check they could get in order to tell their side.  Well it was a great show for a 9 year old kid to watch during those times.  And after wondering if it would ever be available to buy, I finally found the show on dvd.  It's definitely dated, but if you love cheesy 70's special effects and want a look at how TV started getting into the whole conspiracy theory, check out Barnes & Noble or Amazon for the 3 disc dvd set.  There's also the tv pilot that aired orignially, The Night Stalker, along with a sequel, The Night Strangler, that can be purchased seperately.  Zombies not included.