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February 2006

holiday planning for perth

I'm planning a trip to Perth for a week and hope to catch Fremantle, Rottnest Island and Margaret River.  Looking over the changing schedule it looks like I'll be hard pressed to get everything in.  No worries though, since just getting to WA will be nice in itself.  I think a lot of people when coming to Australia focus alot of attention and time on Sydney and the west coast.  NSW has a million things to offer but it'd be a shame if I didn't get to western Australia at least once.  I'm already adding places in WA to the list for a second trip if I get a chance. 

I hear from friends and family back in the states that winter is reminding everyone it still can deliver the snow.  From DC to the Midwest, everyone seems to be buried in the stuff.  Don't worry, I'm still thinking about everyone as I sit on the beach or enjoy the sunset from my balcony.  Sorry just had to throw that out there. 

Last weekend, I took a nice ride around some of the suburbs west of Sydney.  Most of it was spent biking some of the trails around Stanmore and Newtown.  Sorry no pics since my guide book was in my hand more than my camera.  After completing 1/2 the trek, I decided to cut it short and find my way back to the city.  Sunday's heat wave caused me to wait till mid afternoon before venturing out.  So by the end of the day, I had to hussle back to try and catch my last ferry home.  Of course I missed it by 10 minutes and ended up riding the rest of the way to my house.  It was alright though, since I enjoy the Harbor bridge ride and hadn't done it in a while.

Not much else going on, just getting back into shape after all the PT I had for my fracture.  The arm still feels a bit of pain if I put strain on it in a certain way.  But otherwise it's holding up well.  I've gotten quite a bit of the flexiblity back.

"I'm flat out like a lizard drinking" at work so haven't had much time to update the blog.  Hope everyone had a good weekend.

my neighborhood

Sometimes, during my walk to work, I happen upon the best photos.  I started taking my camera with me just in case I saw something that I'd regret not having a chance to shoot again.  Below are a couple of shots that I took in the last week.

One of many rainbow lorikeets in the trees on my street. There were two in a bush that I was walking by.  They're a bit noisy so it's hard not to notice them. This one was kind enough to stop eating for a second so I could take a photo.

Orb spider. I would of missed seeing it if I wasn't looking directly in the trees as I walked home.  Now I know why some folks avoid some of the low hanging trees and walk in the street. 

I've seen the huntsman spider already but didn't get a photo of it at the time.  I borrowed this one from this site

The huntsman is not aggressive to humans and prefers to eat insects.  When I saw one, it was hanging out between a door and the screen covering it. 

Have a nice day and check the corners when cleaning around your the house.