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positive-ly noodles

Wagamama is Japanese for Naughty child, but when it comes to noodle bars it means good food.  This week I stopped at one of their locations in Sydney and immediately loved the place.  The menu was vegetarian friendly but being a carnivore, I skipped those and went with the Chili ramen noodles w/chicken, various nibblies and an apple/orange blended drink to wash it down.  I'm not big on promoting products but this easy-on-the-pocket-book cafe is one I've been mentioning by word of mouth all week. 

It started in the UK and has caught on internationally, popping up in places like Oz,  Belgium, Denmark, Dubai, Ireland and the land of Kiwis. I imagine it's only a matter of time before it hits the States.  Maybe it's time to look at buying some stock in it.  Their ad campaign is pretty solid and you can tell by their Wagamama website in Oz, that their serious about their repeat customers.  They even have a frequent noodler card that lets you build up credit for free main dishes.  I got mine already after the first visit.  Happy slurping. .

Wagamama - positive eating + positive living

call your mom

Ok, one last post. . I forgot to mention I had a visit today by some Americans on vacation in Sydney.  I received a call from the parents of a newly sworn-in Foreign Service officer that's heading to my old stomping grounds in Sudan.  They were kind enough to invite me to have a chat after work with them about the FS, Sudan and what it was like living abroad as an ex-pat.  During our talk over coffee, I was reminded of all the good things the service offers those that are fortunate enough to get the call to join. So I'd just like to say Thank you to David and Judy for spending a little time with a fellow American and letting me have a chance to hear about the States and what's going on back home.  I hope that I helped answer any questions you had.  I'm sure your daughter will love the time she spends in Africa.  I still think of it often and know she will too.  Cheers and safe travels. - Dan

photo extremous

woke up from the couch to see that the sky had changed to what you see here.  thoughts of bush fires, alien invasion, or the color spectrum taking a holiday passed quickly through my mind. luckily, i thought to grab a camera since the sky was back to it's normal blue withing minutes. .

This was taken while walking through the botanical gardens near the domain in the city.  I've gotten use to these flying by my balcony at night but it's still spooky to see them in broad daylight.  The bats are known locally as "flying foxes".  I have them recorded also but haven't gotten around to converting the audio yet.  So this pic will have to do for now. .