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broken hill.. next stop adelaide

Pics from the Indian Pacific train ride while going to Adelaide last weekend with a friend. .

a quiet Sunday morning stop at Broken Hill, where we grabbed breakfast and a chance to stretch our legs around the town.

the outback of New South Wales. could the dirt be any more rust colored?

big sky as we near the end

last stop.. adelaide.

More snaps when I get the rest sorted.  All in all a nice weekend to get away from the daily grind.  Most of the time was spent in a sleeper on the Indian Pacific wrapped up in a good book or playing cards in the diner car while watching the view roll by.  I've been too busy to update for a long time.  . . ciao

shoes and visas

It's been a busy couple of weeks and I haven't had any time to add anything to the blog. 

I'm home visiting my parents and siblings.  Went to an uncle's 70th surprise birthday party.  I've picked up some more supplies and replaced some clothes I brought back with me.  All the old stuff I've been wearing for over a year will be properly quarentined, burned and the ashes disposed of according to legal Hazmat procedures.

I picked up a pair of Merrel's hiking shoes that I would recommend to anyone considering a tour in Africa.  They are lightweight and best described as "billy goat" shoes.  My old North Face hikers were a bit heavy but did come in handy when standing on a hot tarmac.  My original Clarks could feel the heat coming right through the soles.

I haven't seen any movies since I've been back, aside from a couple dvd's I picked up.

Biggest news is I got my Australian visa!  Since I was only going to be in town for a few weeks I asked if they could put a rush on it.  I'd like to thank the Embassy of Australia in DC for the amazing job they did to get it through the proper channels.  They were top notch and answered all my questions fully.  Every turn of the process has been great in getting ready for my next post.