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July 2006

happy 4th

Since it's still the fourth in the States, I thought I post.  I think we should change it up a bit and say Merry Independence Day instead.  I tried to get it to catch on yesterday but just got a lot of confused looks.  We had our Fourth of July celebration off site for the Consulate yesterday.  It was short and sweet but a nice time nevertheless.  Mostly all the other Consulates in Sydney were invited along with our staff, family and guests we'd invited.  It took place at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in the Domain.  We had the day off but most of us volunteered to setup, checkin, and cleanup for the event.

I missed out on any riding since it rain for 1/2 the day and the rest was spent preparing for the event.

Getting back to normal at work again and looking forward to more riding on the weekend.  Hope to get the final details ironed out for full insurance coverage and some remaining gear for the scoot (lock, chain, e-tag, etc)

I took a look at some of the closer parking spots near work, available in the CBD, and was surprised at the number of cycles and scooters that were not locked up.  I guess it's the pessimist in me that believes in a good security setup.  Speaking from past history, I don't like to just leave something out even in broad day light. 

That's all that's going on.  Starting to feel a bit bummed that I only have 13 months left before I have to move on.  Every month has been packed with travel and checking out as much as I can but there's only so much time off and money you can burn.

i eat vespas for breakfast


Aprilia - Scarabeo 250

This morning, I got up bright and early to head to the scooter shop, Scooteria, in Stanmore. As you can see from the pic, it was to pick up a new scoot. After a few weeks of shopping, quizzing others, and doing alot of research I finally found the one I wanted. After signing the paperwork, buying some gear and going over any last details, I left the shop as a new scoot owner. I'd like to thank both Scooteria locations for all the help in making it happen. It's the perfect match for what I want to do. All the staff were great about letting me think it through. After leaving the shop, I spend alot of time just getting use to the 'beo on the roads. After getting in the groove, I started working my way back to Sydney's business district. It was incredibly hard to stop riding. Except to get off to fill it up and then to eat lunch, I was on it all day. As the day ended, I found myself with a big grin most of the time. Especially when I rode by a bus or was buzzin down all the streets I use to have to walk. Riding over the Harbour bridge was alot nicer than anticipated but it wasn't weekday rush hour traffic so I'll have that to look forward to in the future. It's still in the breakin stage, so I'm restricting my riding a bit to a mix of city and highway traffic. After that I'll be taking it out for longer treks along the coast. Note to self: always stay left.....and turn off the damn signal indicator.