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August 2006


Haven't felt like writing much. Most of the free time I have is spent riding or checking out new areas around Sydney.  Gearing up for the warm weather again which has caused me to buy more cycling gear.  Not that I care how riding in a winter cycle jacket looks but it gets a lot warmer now.

Last night I attend the American Society's party at the American club downtown.  A chance to see other people living abroad and converse about what brought them here.  Not that it's a big difference than just talking to the coworkers I have now, but..  Anyway, I left the scoot at home and had a nice night out. 

I'm looking at my next tour locations now, like several other hundreds of foreign service officers.  Haven't narrowed down the field much, except I know I'll probably look for something in South America or within a time zone or two of Europe.  It's strange how you grow up moving from one city to another and that's a big change.  Then moving from one state to another.  Then one country to another.  It all starts to feel the same in regards to distance.  The cultures can be varied but it's almost like you're just over a border somewhere and can step backwards anytime to get where you came from.

This summer (winter here) has seen several staff at work leave and new ones arrive.  I never get use to that.  But hopefully our paths will cross again during future tours.  It's a small world in the FS.  Of course, there's people you probably would rather never see again.  Unfortunately, they wouldn't know who they were.

My reading has been cut down due to the daily commute via scoot.  Still take the ferry occassionally for the scenic route but favor the freedom of the scoot.  Last words of wisdom, don't argue with a toll booth person about having an electronic tag when you've unknowingly gone through a cash only lane..