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October 2006

everybody was kungfu fighting

Been awhile and I haven't gotten around to updating the blog.  Guess my excuse of being too busy will have to do.

See if I can catch up a bit on what's happened since I posted last.

  • Found a power cord for a boombox that can now stop devouring all my D batteries.
  • Started a fantasy football league for the guys at work since the last guy that ran it was too busy leaving post and going off to get married.
  • Updated my old high school alumni site as to my current whereabouts
  • Finally got all the scooter gear I ordered for locking up the scoot, took about 2 months of ordering online to get all the chains and locks I wanted.
  • Looking for a cooler jacket for riding now that it's getting hot.  Found one but haven't found anyone that sells it online or anyone in Oz that has it.
  • Made it out to the races a couple times (Randwick and Rose Hill).  Didn't break even but had fun with friends anyway.
  • Tore apart the scoot to check all my fluids. Don't feel like paying $250 to have my oil changed and some nuts tightened. Glad I didn't wait for the next service, since the oil and coolant were way low. I need to start up a side blog on how to work on a 'beo 250 scoot.  It's a fairly new model and nobody else has any details beside the regular manuals I find on the web. 
  • Speaking of the scooter, I also passed my P's at the end of Sept.  First try even. It was a full day of practicing and riding through the test courses.  We took a ride for an hour out in traffic also.  It was fun to see about 10 of us all on cycles and me on a scoot.  A couple women joined us at the end of the day just for the test portion.  One was on a retry and the other was just there for a limited license.  Unfortunately, the girl for the limited license didn't pass. She was from the Czech Republic and I visited with her while we were all watching the other riders go before us.  Hope I didn't jinx her before her ride.  Anyway, I'd advise taking the all day practice just to work on safety skills and getting a feel for the courses.   
  • New fall TV season is out so I'm looking forward to a couple shows that I haven't seen in awhile. I told myself I wouldn't get cable here but when you want to watch a couple shows it does make it somewhat aggravating when you have to wait for them to be shown on regular free to air stations.
  • Making it to the beaches regularly now, since I'm more mobile than last year.  I've been back to Manly, checked out Mona Vale last weekend and also Palm Beach a few weeks before that.
  • Mom and Dad's PC had a meltdown, so I compiled a CD full of all the pics I had sent them in the past and mailed it off.  Got them setup with a new backup drive to help prevent future drama.
  • Got my bids in for the next tour.  We'll see what happens.  First time for me not going as a directed tour, which means you have to get the word out which posts you want to go to.  I spent alot of time asking questions and bugging people but I'm satisfied with the places I'm shooting for.  Won't tell you which ones yet until the Dept announces who's going where. Won't be too long though so check back later.
  • As I was working on the scooter, I stumbled upon a big bag full of old cassettes in one of the bins I keep in my garage.  Cassettes were used before CDs for you younger folks.  CDs were before online downloads and iPods for the rest of you that are still curious.  Anyway, I had a nostalgic weekend listening to them whenever I was home.  Even found some of the first tapes friends had given me for new bands back then.  They've become regulars in my listening rotation since then.
  • Guess it's almost time to pick up a better mp3 player.  I bought a Rio mainly for my workouts, but I can see where having something beefer would be nice when just you're out and about.
  • Still reading but since the commute change, it's been cut down a bit.
  • Created a new seat cover for the scooter which I think looks ironic, I'll try and post a pic next time. One of my friends at work is a former Brit and had a Lambertta.  He found an old photo of him and his mum while he was sitting on it.  It was back in '87 I think.  He's the same age as me and I immediately remembered what I was doing back then.  I was driving an old Ford Falcon '63 van around northern Iowa. 
  • Scored a couple tickets for the NRL Grande Final game. A friend and I spent the day before and after the game out at Telstra stadium. It was between the Melbourne Storm and Brisbane Broncos.  INXS played a couple songs before the game.  I called them "Eye N EX S" much to the annoyance to those listening. But hey, I still like the old stuff. It was a great game and the Broncos won. 
  • Still running, although I switched gyms.  It's warmer now so I'll probably start running outside again.
  • Shoulder is completely healed again since the push bike accident last year.  Seemed like it would never be the same again.
  • Got tickets to the Marine ball in Canberra so I'll be heading down there next month and wearing the black tie while doing the white man's overbite.  Should be fun, I'll head down with some friends that have never been to one like myself.