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November 2006


STOLEN:  Friend's Harley Davison 100th Anniversary Edition motorcycle taken from the vicinity of Sydney's CBD area. Shown below.

It happened sometime between Sunday night and Tuesday afternoon, Nov 26 - Nov 28.  Description: Black w/100 spoke tires, ape hangers, and other custom features see in pic.  Any info appreciated, send me an email.  Anybody that would walk off with another guys ride ranks right below vermin.

great barrier reef

I'm back in Sydney after 4 days in Cairns.  A port city located on the northern coastline of Queensland.  Home to just a tiny slice of the Great Barrier Reef that runs parallel to the coastline.  I decided to put away my memories of "Jaws" and all the other trauma-based ocean movies, in order to do some snorkeling around the reef.  If I had more time I would have moved around more to see other spots on the reef.  But after getting there I realized the cost would require a bigger bank roll than I was willing to lay out.  Granted, you could always do the hostel thing and live more modestly, but I've gone that route and was looking for more solitude and a good spot to get away.  It was nice to spend Thanksgiving away from Sydney also.  Last year I spent time in Adaminaby watching the horse races with a friend from work and his pals.  But this time it was nice to get away up north.  Aside from the tight fit traveling by plane up and back again, the vacation was everything I needed.  Good food, drink and chatting with complete strangers.  One thing I hadn't expected was the high population of Asian tourists.  It was starting to slow down since the tourist season is stronger during the winter months.  But there still seemed to be hordes of people everywhere during the days and nights. 

Here's a sample of some of the aquatic life I ran across during my time at Green Island, outside of Cairns.  I'll get the rest of the photos up when I get time.

halloween 2006

We had a Halloween party at one of the American officers house a couple weeks ago.  I forgot to post this pic until I ran across it this weekend.  The rest of them have been destroyed to protect the innocent.  I went as a hippie after failing to come up with my first choice for a costume.  Now everyone wants me to wear the 'fro at everything from work to our softball games.

I went on a ride with a friend from work today (That's his Harley above). James and I talked about heading for the Blue Mountains, but after realizing the day was already half over, we decided on heading to Wollongong instead.  The day turned out to be great for riding, although a bit windy.  We rode through the Royal National Park on the way there.  It's a great ride via scoot or cycle, several twists and turns, with the occassional hazard of leaves or loose pavement.  After stopping for a break in Wollongong, we headed back for Sydney.  By the time we got outside of town, we were both sore from riding.  At the end of the ride we ended up in Neutral Bay after I convinced James some Indian food would hit the spot.  I learned my scoot will just make the whole trip with one tank of gas.  It was the first time I ever saw my petrol indicator light up.  Total time round trip: 4 hours. The only casuality: My P plate ripped off somewhere on the Southern Freeway. 

side note: If you look close you can see my custom passenger seat cover with the skull and cross bones pattern.