wet weekend
green is the new black

what do we have for them, Johnny? a brand, new, blog!

welcome to my brand spankin new blog.  nifty enough for ya?  well, i think it is.  my old blog service seemed to lack the new features you see on other blog sites.  and i've been wanting to combine couponthemovie.com with my blog at blogdrive for awhile.

so that's where this site comes into play.  you're probably wondering "ok, so what's the address mean?"  well, i wanted something that reflects on traveling abroad.  if you've done any traveling you've probably had the experience of trying to use your electrical gadgets with a country's different power outlets.  sometimes that's how i feel when adjusting to the human aspect of the culture, language and geographical location. simple as that and easy to remember.

there's still alot of converting left to do with the old content and photo galleries.  i'm working on those yet and should get everything moved over in another week.  unfortunately, blogdrive doesn't have a compatiable export utility so i'm left with alot of manual work. i'll be sending word out to those that have linked their sites to my old site also.  anyway, enjoy!


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Prince Roy

very nice design. Also, very cool name.


thanks roy, a bit easier to manage also. :)

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