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April 2007

canon 30d arrival


First time out with the new camera. Still practicing with all the settings. Looking forward to trying it out during the day. Although I never knew night time shooting would be as easy. Except for when I change a setting and don't realize it.  This one was mistakenly set for white balance in shade mode. The sky was a dark blue. More later.

20 months

..5 months or so to go. I'm ready to move on. Unfortunately, plans are moving very slowly in the change to final resolution. My replacement has informed me that she won't be here till long after I depart. So I'm now going through channels to make sure I can leave when I need too. But it's a difficult task. Basically, I'm being held up. Much to the frustration of my future boss and next post. This may sound conceited or trite and any comments will surely be deleted by me if I so desire. But I take the work I do seriously. And if I see someone not working to the level I expect them to, I call them on it. I learned that mostly from my upbringing but also from a career that spanned a couple decades.  I worked under some morons that couldn't even spell IT and also respected those bosses that were light years beyond what I could do. I try to take those latter qualities and use them daily. This was one of those weeks where I thought about those that have taught me and thanked them for everything I know. When the week first began, those thoughts weren't the first thing on my mind. But as I went through the laundry list of half-finished projects someone never completed, or acted as the arbitrator for office arguments, or made time for someone in crisis, I remembered those people that I haven't seen in ages. And just for a few days, I could feel good about making a difference.

In this career I've seen a cross-section of Americans that cover the gamet of great people and not so much. Couple that with working abroad, and you have a lab experiment waiting to be judged. "Ugly American" comes to mind when I hear an American make a remark or comment that solidifies the sterotype. Then they'll cast out an insincere apology. Maybe I was naive and thought I'd left that behind when I joined. But then there are those coworkers that do dispell the myth. That remind me of others I had come to respect. And I think, they are the ones that have it figured out, and not just for a few days..

the long run

"Bandsaws have no friends." Joe the Butcher, patron of the the Golden Apple Diner.

..from the American Life podcast archives.

I started my day off with a long run, about 10 miles. My new favorite run is from:

  • Cremorne Point
  • into Neutral Bay
  • through Milson Point
  • across the Harbour Bridge
  • around the Rocks and Circular Quay
  • circle around the Opera House
  • run through the Domain and the Botanical Garden
  • upto MacQuaries Chair and allll the way back.

What's great is, you can look back during the whole run and see where my house is.

After a few weeks of weighing the pros and cons, I purchased a new digital camera.  I bought a Canon 30D with some lenses and other supplies. It should get here in another week or so.