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format error, retry?

there are days... and then there are days.

for anyone that was wondering why my site had took a bizarre formatting turn, i apologize.  after some checking i realized i had a mapping problem with a domain name service so typepad wasn't able to produce the same formating design as i thought it was.  it took some time but after finding the problem, i think i've corrected it.

if anyone is visiting and still sees just a white background with all the text scrolling off to the right and no pictures, let me know.

i've been busy with getting all my clothes and consumables ready for the next tour in vladivostok.  the more i research the more i have to make changes on what to take. right now i'm trying to decide on what vehicle to purchase and how i need to do it overseas.  it's going to be purchased in the states and shipped from there.  i haven't driven my own car since 2004. so i'm looking forward to having a roof over my head again, even though the aprilia i have has been well suited for sydney.

docking station

the last two weeks of weather in sydney have been filled with rain, wind and colder temps. (remember it's winter here) the rain is usually always needed due to drought. most of the time it misses the land that needs it the most. so when it comes, no one complains.

this time the stormy weather brought with it some havoc. i can hear my outdoor patio furniture start to move under its own power when the winds get bad. so over the last week or so i got the feeling the chairs had some place better to be than on my balcony.

one of my neighbors told me the wharf (cremorne point) down my street was out of service due to one of the last storms. i figured it was just going to be for a couple of days until they did whatever they had to do. a week passed and one morning i figured i'd give my scooter a break and take the ferry to work instead. not even thinking about the wharf, i went down the hill to the ferry stop. as i rounded the corner, i first thought "what are they doing? expanding the wharf?". because all i could see was the ferry shelter and ramp leading down to the water. all the pylons that supported the cement landing were standing up through the water with nothing between them to support.

after a minute of staring at the bizarre sight i realized i better get on the bus that was waiting next to the stop or i'd have another 1/2 hour of waiting for the next one. in talking to the bus driver, i learned the storm had indeed come through and destroyed the landing. the city has brought in a crane to work on getting it repaired. for now it's skipped on the regular mosman ferry run.

(note: pictures were lost during last blog move.)

luna park

Luna park snaps from a few weeks ago..  I'm just a short hike from the park located at Milson's point.  It's taken several months to get around to spending anytime there but I finally made it there one Sunday.

Luna Park entrance

archive move from "" completed

it's taken over a month but i've finally finished moving all the archives from the old blog to this one.

with the move to russia this fall, i'm looking into purchasing a vehicle more suited to rougher roads and inclement weather.  more on that later.

most places the foreign service takes a person have food that is easily obtainable, but some rate shipping what are called consumables (groceries and hard to find items) to make life a little easier. fortunately, vlad is one of those. i've been told most anything i want can be found there, but sometimes i crave food that reminds me of life back in the states.  so i'm going through a massive grocery list to check off what i predict i'll eat in one year.  and you thought buying enough food for a month is hard. not only do you have to keep expiration dates in mind, but you have to buy in bulk.  most quantities available are in lots of 12 / 24 / 48.  so you have to decide if you really want to eat twenty four 18oz containers of quaker oatmeal along with sixteen boxes of 14oz lucky charms. and how much olive oil can a person consume in a year. when i did my tour in africa, i really didn't ship enough of a mix. i ended up vowing never to touch some of that food ever again. sadly, oreos were  a casuality in that tour. 

another factor in the fall move will be a change of wardrobe. up to now i've stocked my closets with summer and fall attire.  all my winter clothes died a slow death and ended up at goodwill, salvation army or st. vics.

last week, i completed watching an eight dvd documentary on the russian empire. it gave me a good refresher on russia's history starting in 1721 to the overthrow of the monarchy in 1917.  i never thought to look as i queued it up in netflix, but when the first volumes arrived, i discovered it was all in russian with english subtitles. normally not a problem, but the content in each was enough to be distracted away from the text to watch the narrator as he literally led his audience through many of the russian locations and sites. if anything it forced me to listen to russian more.