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July 2007

running low on virtual memory

nothing to mention of any significance. but i thought i post anyway. just a couple months to go before i fly out of australia and spend some time back home in the states. 

with the asian pacific economic conference coming to sydney, we're already busy at the consulate supporting various visitors that will be arriving.  well, actually i'm not. but that's giving me time to followup on my arrangements for my departure.

some of the things i'm working on:

  • getting my russian visa
  • buying a new car
  • buying consumables
  • buying new clothes
  • booster shots for immunizations
  • canceling all services for my home
  • major cleaning for home after 2 years of wear and tear
  • donating, trashing or selling anything i don't need
  • sorting what goes back to storage, what goes to russia and what never leaves my side

the first one, i thought would take the longest but i'm learning it's even more difficult than i imagined. and i haven't even applied for it yet.

buying a car, sounds easy and it would be normally but i only have a month in the states and i'd rather use the time for something else. so i'm looking into buying it with the help of family back home.

vaccinations- another surprise. i discovered one of the immunizations i had for africa never actually took. when i asked the dr. if that happens a lot for that type of shot, she said "not really, only about 2% of the people taking it reject it." so i get to try again and see if it sticks.

when you begin to prepare for the next tour,  you unconsciously shift from priorities at work to what do i have to follow up on for moving. no matter what you hear about the foreign service, it's up to you to check on tickets, packing, training, home leave, etc. there's no one there to give you daily reminders on what to do next.  it can shred an ADD person to pieces.

talking to coworkers turns into speaking in different languages. when they mention a project that's going to happen after i leave, i mentally file it in the "make sure to tell my replacement" folder. and my "get-done-before-i-go" projects are "we'll-get-to-it-eventually" ideas.

did i mention the lists? no matter how many times i do this, i'm realizing i have too many to-do lists. my best advice for someone doing this, get one pda or one notebook or one scribe to keep everything written down.  because the list you just made at home, is going to be the one with the note on it that you need that day at work..

what's the minimum enlistment age?

kittyhawksince i missed posting on the 4th of july, here's a little update on what's stirring up gawkers in sydney.  the uss kitty hawk cv63 aircraft carrier arrived this week in the harbour.

the oldest active ship in the u.s. navy and the world's only permanently forward-deployed aircraft carrier.  it was commissioned in 1963 at the philadelphia naval shipyard. this will probably be the last time it will visit sydney so i was happy to take part in a saturday morning tour through the u.s. consulate.

i was also able to join others in a private celebration friday night, for a hosted event by the ship's crew in the carrier's hanger.

the ship itself is a sight to behold.  when you approach it, it looks like just another office building that's sprung up overnight near the navy wharf.  sydneysiders were already queuing up for a look at it when i arrived at 930am for my tour.

the city has steadied itself for thousands of american sailors on their weekend leave.  but i'm sure the pub tabs will cover everything. j/k. 


another recent discovery for me; collecting too many of a particular something and then realizing it after the fact. 

it's easy to do when you pack up, store boxes, forget what you have and then end up buying new ones.  in this case it's shoes.  i've decided to give 1/2 of all my shoes away to donation centers.  after lining up the suspects, all 22 pairs, it was easy to see which ones i favored and the ones that were true fashion victims or just past their prime.

a small mountain of clothing has also started to appear in one corner of my house.  like a cotton/polyester/wool version of devil's tower.

the problem now, replacing what i donate with new stuff..