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September 2007

back in the u.s.

i'm back home in iowa for a month now.  during apec, i never really had time to say goodbye properly with my friends and work mates. so in a whirl wind period of 48 hrs, i tied all the last minute tasks up properly and invited everyone out for drinks my last night out.  the night flew by with me watching everyone drift away with a farewell and a hug. it was hard and difficult to admit i wasn't going to be in sydney after tomorrow. it's painful to know i wasn't going to be able to just drop in and have a chat.

out of all the great jobs i've left, this was the hardest to leave. nobody made it easy for me either. so with that said, i'm home with my family and enjoying my time here before heading out for the next tour.  it helps with decompressing but my thoughts go back to all the friends i made in sydney. the foreign service is truly a double edged sword when it come to the multitude of friends you can make but also the reality of always having them spread all over the globe.

long break

no, i'm not in a coma.  the last couple months have gone by with a flurry of activity and I kick myself for not jotting down a couple notes about what's going on.

i've been busying finishing up all the final details for my departure from sydney.  Some of the highlights.

  • bought a new toyota fj cruiser
  • packed up and shipped out all my stuff, including the scooter
  • helped a friend by letting "s" crash at my place while she looked for a new place in sydney
  • purchased some exercise equipment for my new place in russia
  • got my russian visa
  • finished ordering all my consumables
  • joined the rest of my co-workers for the ensuing apec (epic?) conference (ending this week)
  • to do yet - spend the last three days before i leave hanging out with friends i hope to see again down the road.

no pics right now, but i've been busying snapping some whenever i can. should have more to post soon.

another week and i'll be back in the states visiting family and friends.  by mid october i'll be in a new country and trying to catch up on learning the language.