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form of . . an icicle!

although it may look unusual, these guys are being thoughtful enough to knock off what are possible threats from above.  (the sign above them says computer, if my russian is correct)

speaking of russian, i'm still a long ways off from knowing the even the most basic russian.  but the little i do know is starting to get actual looks of understanding instead of raised eyebrows or shaking heads. it's a small victory, i know, but every little positive response I get helps keep me focused on studying more. 

i made my first successful batch of ice cream over the weekend.  unfortunately the first one i attempted had an accident.  since then i've made sure i don't put salt in an unmarked container and mistake it for sugar.  try putting 1 1/2 cups of salt into 4 cups of milk/cream to see what i mean.

i've been adding all my old photos from australia and africa to my flickr account, so keep an eye on the mosaic in the sidebar. it's easier to manage them that way and i'll be able to finally shut down my original blog.


Vladharbor3_5   and here i thought it was getting as cold as it could get.. yesterday we received a balmy -22f .  i'm already looking back to what it was like in the pic before the snow and ice came.

nothing new to mention.  still getting out when i can and trying new places to eat or visit.  there's much to offer in the choices for dining.  i'm even starting to read the russian menus better so at least i know what section i'm looking at.

i passed on a trip to russkiy island on the aforementioned coldest day, originally since it was a work day but probably more so from the idea that it would be colder than normal.  i'll venture out when spring arrives and check it out.

i'm being reminded by friends at work that i need to check out the skating here.    there's a couple places to try.  the next time a group goes i'll join in and see if i still have the ankles for it.

baby its cold outside

another weekend with a mix of being productive, finding some entertainment, and just being a veg.

i did check out one of the clubs in town friday night, zabrisky point, which turn into a late night venture.  it offered plenty of music and dancing till the early morning hours.  the first thing i noticed when i sat down was an old album cover on a pillar above me from a band called nazareth.  even more odd, was the fact it wasn't even the album they were known for.  that's if you could even recall what the groups hits were.  but after seeing the rest of the place, i gathered it was a fan of classic rock with posters ranging from the doors, led zep, and santana.  there was also a live band playing russian cover songs, which did a great job.  After the band, a large projection screen showed old videos from the 80s and 90s also.  so i marveled at the vintage? videos of joan jet, ac/dc, def leppard, and abba.  yeah, abba's big here i'm told.  the bathrooms even had head rests which i won't go into, let alone use.

i made it out saturday to do some shopping and finally get my car washed.  with the freezing weather and having it done, i was a bit worried about the doors freezing shut.  but after making sure the car was left running for awhile after i got home, it didn't seem to be a problem.

the rest of my consumables showed up today.  so now i have a well stocked supply of chunky peanut butter along with some other hard to find items.