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don't let her fool ya


she can chew through through titanium. she's gotten tall enough to reach the highest counter top, and thus, no food is safe from her maw. 

i'm coming up on one year already in vlad.  another two years will fly by i'm sure but it seems like a long way off. 

i'm still waiting on a massive care package shipment i sent myself back in june.  it's waiting somewhere in korea for available space on a a plane. there's alot of that going around as people coming and going are feeling the pinch to get their household effects shipped here or shipped on to their next post.  timing is always the priority.  because nothing sucks like being somewhere and living out of a couple suitcases while the personal effects you own are somewhere gathering dust on a warehouse floor.

i've found a nice lull in work so it's been nice to come home without stressing out about the next upcoming project.  but there's always the constant computer breakdown that can't be planned.  and then there's the stuff that's been broken for years and you hear about it in an off the cuff conversation.  i think people just get use to the way something works and they don't bother mentioning it.  maybe it's the thought that nothing will get done about it.  hopefully we're fixing some of that at work.  i know one of the new officers has already flushed out a lot of issues that were long overdue in getting cleaned up.  that does tend to be the benefit of new folks that come in. there's always the risk that new officers will decide any change will look good on their record and wreck havoc on the their section.  but so far that hasn't been the case.  posts like this tend to draw staff that know their in the spotlight.  that can be a good thing or a bad depending on how things are done.

i've been confined a bit more than i planned due to the rigors of puppy ownership, but i've gotten out occasionally to visit friends for a while.  i'm looking forward to the upcoming months as lucia reaches her actual adult size.  she's grown to twice her size when i first got her and now she weighs in at 15lbs.  i have no clue how big she's going to be.  but the words of my co-worker rattle in my brain after my question, "is she a big kind of dog?".  "no, she small"  yeah, i should have asked if she meant as a puppy, she's small.