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reducing homeless dog population, one dog at a time..

i haven't been posting for awhile because i took lucia to the vet about a month ago to be spayed.  i'd rather not live the details over again, but it was tough for both of us to go through.  i'm sure it was more painful for her, but more exhausting for me.  after three weeks of redressing bandages, applying medication and giving her shots, she's finally back to normal.  the scar from the surgery is bigger than normal, so i'm worried what else happened.  she also began whimpering about 2 weeks after the surgery, so i was afraid complications had set in. i'll post a pic of her eventually but i'm still busy getting caught up with other things.  the whimper lasted just a few days over the weekend.  it looks like she was just missing some extra attention.  after a few extra belly rubs and more playtime, she was satisfied.

i'll be heading home soon for vacation, so i wanted to take care of her and make sure she was ok before i left.  a friend of a friend has volunteered to look after her the whole time i'm gone.  while i'm grateful, i'm still gonna miss the little girl.  i would've tried to take her with me but this trip will involve more flying than normal and i didn't want to put her through that misery after her operation.