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fast food


"First American Fast-Food Restaurant SUBWAY Opens in Vladivostok

The first American fast-food restaurant SUBWAY is to open in Vladivostok in two days. Its production differs from unhealthy fast-food by fresh sandwiches and salads, which are cooked before a customer’s eyes. The department on public relations of the US Consulate General at the Far East reported it to RIA PrimaMedia.The solemn opening of the first fast-food restaurant of the American chain SUBWAY will be held on July 4 at 1 p.m. (5, Russkaya Str., near the bus terminal in the Vtoraya rechka district..

i haven't gone yet to check it out but plan to after i get back from vacation

u.s. navy comes to vlad



over the fourth of july weekend, the uss stethem paid a visit to vladivostok.  it's an arleigh burke-class destroyer in the United States Navy.  it's the second us naval ship that's been in vlad this year.  the week long stay allowed a chance for the russian and us naval officers to meet and discuss the possibilities of future joint exercises.  along with the meetings there were several opportunities for the sailors to partake in events around the city.

one of them being the dragon boat races held by the cities yacht club.  i volunteered for the races even though i've never been in one before.  the first day of races were 20-men teams in each boat.  the second day was for 10-men boats.  some of the us navy sailors and consulate staff came out for both days.  a team from australia came to vlad especially for the races.  they gave us some pointers on how to paddle which helped tremendously. the weather was foggy and damp but everyone had a great time anyway.    

last minute tips

race is on


 u.s. navy and australian dragon boat teams