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October 2009

now let's go to Brick for the weather..

1st snow of the season arrived during early morning hours in vladivostok.  it stopped around 5pm but the high winds kept the city subdued for the rest of the night.  traffic was close to non-existant and those that did travel reported multiple cars stuck in snow drifts and low visibility.  i stayed inside, stocked up on groceries and waited it out till morning.

my girlfriend and i ventured out sunday for lunch and to see what kind of damage the snowfall had done.  the cleaning crews still had their work cut out for them as even the main roads were still covered in wet stuff.  i'm happy to report only one close call as another driver didn't like how slow everyone was going and decided to start cutting people off, me included.  sad to see even bad weather doesn't keep the stupid drivers at home.



it's that time of year again.  treats for the kids, costume parties, the changing of the seasons.  i have a tradition of playing some of my favorite horror movies before halloween.  not the traditional classics, like the exorcist or the shining, nope.  they have to be zombie related. 

here's the playlist typically

  • evil dead trilogy
  • night of the living dead - original
  • any living dead sequel
  • shaun of the dead
  • resident evil and any of its sequels

halloween is a recent addition to russia.  many enjoy it here and like the aspects of dressing up in costume.  there's a large party at the vlad motor inn, for parents and children.  each year, the total number of guests have increased dramatically.  on of my co-workers said she almost didn't make it this year since it's become so popular and the tickets were close to being sold out.    

i just realized, i don't have any russian horror movies.  something to check out.  in australia, i watched "wolf creek" and the saw movies (the first saw movie - created by aussies).  

parting advice in case you run into a zombie.  "beat em or burn em, they go up pretty easy." sheriff mcclelland - notld