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November 2009

2 years in vladivostok


my anniversary came and went on oct 19th.  two years have passed by and it still seems like i just unpacked.  the benefits of staying at a post longer than two years for me are being the mr. know-it guy when it comes to the consulate's recent history.  other new americans can ask me why something or when something was done.  one example is our landlord, he's kind of a slippery character.  before i arrived, he proposed splitting our residences in half, to double the available occupancy.  i.e. be able to charge more for less space.  that idea was shot down since we don't have that many americans here anyway and there was no need.  well, fast forward 2 years later and he brings the idea up again with all new american staff.  except i was in the room and remember the old snake oil pitch from before.  the idea was kibosh'd again before anyone seriously thought about it.