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December 2009

russian cursing

what do you do when you hear someone swearing in a foreign language?

i haven't gone out of my way to learn how to articulate cussing in russian, but after a couple years you can't help but pick up some of the more colorful adult vernacular.  

today i was sitting at someone's desk, fixing a problem when a nearby co-worker said "блин!".  which is actually the polite way of saying what they really meant to say which was "блядь".    in this case, the english version of sh--t or he-double hockey sticks.  

i played dumb but took notice the person was upset with his computer.  this was quickly verified as i was called over shortly thereafter to fix said problem.  after fixing it, i was tempted to say "see? it's only a computer not a блядь".  but right now it more fun to eavesdrop when no one thinks i'm listening.