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talking trash

my lack of postings comes from hitting a dry spell.  i've had some negative things going on that i don't want to get into, but i can tell i'm hitting the wall on living here.  

one minor thing happened today. it isn't much, but it was enough to remind me how strange it is to live here.  i took lucia out for a walk this morning. as soon as i exit our driveway, it's easy to see all the garbage, bottles and cigarette packs littering the sides of the road.  the options are limited on where you can walk a dog in my neighborhood.  either it's put up with the trash everywhere or go by houses where the dogs are chained up and left alone.  the latter is disturbing to see.  there must be a dozen dogs in my immediate neighborhood that are keep outside and forgotten about.  you can hear them barking all day.  some are whimpering, some are angry and some are just calling out for some needed attention.  so i end up taking lucia pass the trash lined roads.  

we had walked for about 10 minutes, when a car pulls up next to us and a russian guy starts complaining and telling me to stop walking my dog on his road.  he kept asking where i lived and saying i needed to walk my dog near my home.  i was speechless since i've never heard anything so asinine.  first, there's trash all over the neighborhood and he's worried about some guy walking a dog.  second, how do you walk a dog without leaving your own yard.  i suppressed the urge of what i wanted to do and just gave him the brushoff.  

that wouldn't have been so bad if it only happened once.  but a couple weeks before, i was walking lucia in the same neighborhood and another russian guy comes out of an apartment complex and asks what i'm doing.  i give him a look and say "walking my dog".  so he starts in on me saying i can't walk here.  i was on the road near some empty car parking stalls.  i ignore him and continue walking.

russians must just except the fact that broken-up vcrs, old carpet, and bags full of trash are fine on the sloping hill sides between their homes.  but dog walking gets their shorties in a bind.  i walk around with doggy bags to pick up after lucia.  i have never once seen anyone else pick up after their dog here.

i guess people just can't find a place to throw their trash away or maybe they're just too lazy to take care of it.  but the worst of it is the stuff you don't see on the ground.  what may be wet grass could actually be someone's casual chemical dump.  i'm always waiting for another case of poisoning to hit lucia after a walk.  i only feeling confident after an hour or so when she's still walking around active and healthy.

i have to say spending two years here is fine, but it wears on you by the third year when you know there's easier places to be living.