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July 2010

birdly birds

Barn swallows

 "one more week and you're on your own"

i got to see the progress of a nest of swallows hatching while i stayed at my folks' place.  just when all the chirping and flight tests died down another couple of swallows started building a new nest 10 feet away from the old vacated nest.

a newly hewed piece of wood with metal strings

  ibanez art100

 during my first week back in the states, i bought a new electric guitar.  the ibanez art 100 stop tail double humbucker.  after practicing with my acoustic I felt it was time to add another to my collection.  (can one guitar be a collection?)  i tried it out in the store and was immediately sold on it.  i'm still amazed by the easy touch of the strings.  my callused fingers thank me.  a peavey amp jumped in on the purchase also, along with a hard case for transport.  now to figure out how i'm going to bring it back to russia. 

recharge complete


i'm back from vacation and rested up. it was great just to relax.

most of my time was spent with family in iowa but i worked in a trip to dc.

that's a shot of a car expo at the iowa state fairgrounds.  my brother and i drove down to des moines to check it out.  during my high school/college days i drove one of these- (except mine was a hardtop and a '72, not sure what year this one is.  maybe '74?)


 Chevelle Malibu

here's the littlest car there, custom-built and using a scooter motor from a vespa.


sorry for the crowed shot - the car was hard to catch up to

 anyway, it was nice to see the fairgrounds in the state capital again.  i took many trips there over the years with my family.