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August 2010

bushy creek lake

Bushy creek

dead trees and deep waters

during my vacation, my brother, dad and i went to bushy creek lake.  eerily calm and extremely deep.  it's a man-made lake that use to be a creek running through a valley.  we took out his new boat for the fishing trip.  I didn't have much luck but my dad caught the biggest fish of the day.  


 showing off the crappie

(pronounced with an "ah" not an "ay")



RAGBRAI - The (Des Moines) Register's-Annual-Great-Bike-Ride-Across-Iowa

one of these years I'll be in the states and able to do RAGBRAI.  I was there during it's trip through my home town.  all manner of bicycles- recumbants, hybrids, touring, you name it - rolled through our little town.  there's not much to see but i'm sure it was a welcome stop after a few hours on the highway.