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Defender's day 2011

Feb 18th was Defender's Day in Russia.  Each year women honor their men with a day of thanks.  The men reciprocate their thanks to women on March 8th.  

This year, the ladies at work put together a fun ceremony where all the men were honored with gifts and a video.  We had to guess which video was for each of us.  Mine wasn't too difficult, as soon as I saw a little Russian boy singing about his dog, Lyusi, I knew it was mine.

Here's the video-


almost official

Bidding began last fall for summer positions available this year.  I've been waiting for some of the "stretch" positions in DC to open up.  Waiting is the hardest part since you're gambling on a limited number of positions and may end up having to settle for an at grade position that wasn't what you had in mind.

Fortunately that wasn't the case for me as I received a handshake last week for my next assignment.  So it's almost official, I'll be heading back to the states this spring.  Now the dreaded process of packing/moving/resettling begins.  But on the bright side I'll be back in DC.