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Mac attack

car & scoot

Somewhere in a Baltimore gas station -

  • My car:       "Another round of ethanol for me and my little friend here!"
  • My scooter: "Shouldn't we be getting to the warehouse before they close?  It's almost 5."
  • My car:       "Five-Smive, live a little!  Here, hav' a shot of anti-freeze."
  • My scooter: "The delivery person will cancel our drop off tomorrow if we're not there before they close."
  • My car:       (rubs wipers together) "wurld's zmallest violin..."
  • My scooter: "And I think he said something about the next available delivery date is another week from today.
  • My car:       (drunkingly falls off garage lift)

I've stopped telling people when my car is arriving.  Because everytime I do, it seems to jinx it.  It was scheduled for delivery today but I got a call late yesterday afternoon from the shipper who said the delivery warehouse closed before the shipping company could get everything there in time.  So the delivery company cancelled my appointment for today and said they could deliver everything on the next available date which is next Wednesday.  So now the shipper is looking for another delivery company that can deliver sooner.  I seriously doubt any other company will have an opening any sooner.  So the wait continues..




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Heather Dray

Oh, man! But the car and scoot are certainly getting some quality time together...

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