Song #12 - Dead skunk in the middle of the road
Italian seeks asylum in my house

got stuff?

  Lucia unpacking

-Lucia takes a break-

That's the way I felt after the delivery of all my stuff.  Lucia made sure everything went into the right rooms while I checked off the inventory as boxes came off the truck.  Four hours later, I had all my posessions under one roof again. 

My car's battery was flat as I expected it would be.  A charger gave the FJ enough juice to get me to an auto parts store so I could replace it.  I pitched the scooter battery before shipping.  It was the original battery.  So that put's the life of the battery at 6 years.  Not bad.

I able to get to the DMV for the FJ's temporary license plate tags.  The scooter wasn't as easy to title and register though.  I forgot to grab a couple pieces of paperwork so I'll finish it up when I go back after my emissions and safety check on the FJ.  Basically, I forgot to get the approved clearance documents from customs saying the scooter meets EPA requirements.   But all in due time. I'm just glad I have the FJ running again. 



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So was it tough to register your car? You make it sound painless?


Hooray! They finally made it! I'm so glad.

Heather Dray

Yeah, Stuff! Stuff is good, especially when you actually have it. Enjoy FJ and Scoots.


Thanks Heather, yeah it's nice to be mobile once again.

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