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 Soon to be I-survived-the-2011-quake tee shirt buyers 

Yesterday's quake in Virginia reverberated along the East coast, including in DC.  I don't have anything extra to add to the numerous reports already available via your favorite search engine.  Only to say I was impressed once again by the speed of the Internet as a means to communicate.  Cellular phone calls were hard to establish.  And standing outside in a mass of people tends to create a lemming effect without anyone taking the lead.  I only spotted a couple people with bullhorns and even they couldn't be heard above the crowd noise very well.  But searching the web via smartphone, provided a quick confirmation on the quakes location exactly when it happened. 

  • ´╗┐ reported the 5.8 quake occurred in Mineral, VA. 
  • Facebook's friends status updates scrolled by with flash mob synchronization, reports of feeling the quake and how they were doing. 
  • Metro rail updated its timetables and informed riders that trains are running at reduced speeds of 15mph.

Leaving the city yesterday afternoon was difficult.  It seemed like all the district's workers were leaving at once.  Metro trains were running 20 min apart and packed beyond capacity.  Buses were stuck in traffic with standing room only.  I ended up walking from Foggy Bottom metro to Rosslyn just to get a cab.  And even hailing a cab was futile until I asked a doorman in front of the Key Bridge Holiday Inn to call one for me.  I stopped by the DMV on the way home to take care of some business.  Unfortunately, afterwards I found myself stranded once again just a couple miles from home.  My bus came by but didn't stop even though it was 1/2 empty.  It was another 20 minutes for the next one, so I ended up walking home the rest of the way.

I guess it's best to get out of Dodge as early as possible to avoid the onslaught of mass transit communters, or get my scooter street legal as soon as possible.. 


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