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Irene's departure

The six year list

Courtesy of NASA - Hurricane Irene 
A hurricane's approach always reminds me of a kid's pun.  "Why are hurricanes always girls? Because if they were boys, they'd be himacanes."  Then along comes 1979, and now hurricanes can carry a male moniker as well.

I know hurricane names are reused but who decides which names are given and when?  Turns out the World Meteorological Organization does.  So coinciding with Hurricane Irene's timely approach, I present the six year list of Atlantic storm names and the order in which they're given.

Download The six year list

If a storm is so deadly or costly that the future use of its name on a different storm would be inappropriate, for obvious reasons of sensitivity, than it's removed from the list and retired.

Retired hurricane names

My entire family's names are on the retired list but mine is not. My sister's name is actually on it twice. I'd say that shows you which names are associated with destruction and mayhem.  I'm saving that bit of trivia for the next stressful holiday get together.


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