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and you're welcome..

I joined the Department in 2004.  The Dept. of State has been in this top ten list (Best Places to Work) since 2005.

Coincidence? Well, it's either due to my sole presence or the increase in hiring that happened back then. 

Seriously though, the Department can be a great place to work.  Some people always expect more and others are content with what they have, the rest of us fall in between.

Open season on your ills and woes

24th century med school

U.S. Government workers are reminded once again that it's open season for enrolling in health care and insurance plans.  The season starts on Nov. 14th and runs until Dec 12th, 2011.  So if you have to make any changes to your current plans or add new ones check out the U.S. Office of Personnel Management's site.

Working abroad raises many health care questions such as who can I see, what is covered, and how much should I expect to pay.  When I first joined I waited on enrolling for a vision or dental plan and just paid out of pocket when needed.  I wouldn't advise anyone to do this.  In my case, I gambled and didn't have any major problems besides routine checkups. Lasik surgery wasn't covered at the time that I was considering a plan so I ended up paying for that myself a few years later.  But it's covered in several provider plans now, so it pays to refresh your memory even if you think you don't need to make any changes.

Either way we're still a few years off from "universal" healthcare and genitronic replicators.