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The two week anniversary of my quit approaches.  My cravings are fewer but more desperate now.  It's as if the early days weren't not taken seriously by my subconscious.  Now that several days have gone by my mind is supplicating, more earnestly, for more nicotine.  I feel like a dissociative identity disorder has taken over.  My reasoning wins every time as I process how bad I would feel if I broke down and had a cigarette.  The feelings of guilt and depression would last long after the short term pleasure I derived from smoking. 

In healthier news-

Hostess files for bankruptcy, for the second time.. in two years.

This wouldn't of happened if they'd just kept my local stores stocked with vanilla Zinger cakes.  I blame everyone that praises the inferior Twinkie with its higher cholesterol rating.  Unfortunately, every time I walk past a Hostess sales rack, I'm mocked by the limited selection of devil's food and strawberry/coconut varieties.  Am I the only one that eats yellow vanilla Zingers?  So Hostess, maker of the whitest white bread and purveyor of the junkiest of junk food, serves you right.

And in Foreign Service news -

U.S. Embassy Moscow's new Ambassador sworn in.

Having left the Russian Federation last year, I only experienced serving under Amb. BeyrleMcFaul will have some big valenkis to fill.


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Good luck with the quitting. I've been watching your post with interest. I seemed to have picked up the habit again while in the US over Christmas, so I've had to stop all over again. Every time I quit seems like the first time...


Hang in there! You are awesome. Seriously. You make me want to nail my goals this year.


Thanks Becky! Now's the time to try! :) Good luck with your goals as well!

No Jason!! Well you've quit before and you're absolutely right, it's like quitting all over again. But the best thing is you know you can do it. It's not a habit you want to keep and you'll feel so much better in the long run.

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