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Probably the biggest urge I have to smoke is when I start seeing people smoking in a movie.  It hits when you're relaxed, comfortable and always surprise.  It's been almost a year and I feel those instances will carry on the longest.  I can be in public places where smoking is allowed without feeling anything.  I can hear someone say their going out for a smoke without needing to reminisce.  But when I see someone in a movie smoking it's as if the film attempts to portray the inhaling and exhaling in its best cinematic way.  When that happens I just grab some more popcorn and eventually they'll cast the butt away.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Quitting nicotine cold turkey was the only way for me to finally be successful.  Using a nicotine aid just prolonged the process for me.  Using aids were a daily reminder of what a slow withdrawal feels like.  Every fresh hit of a nicotine patch gave me a chemical high.  By the end of the day I would drag myself to bed on the fading effects of the patch.  Only to start the day anew with a fresh patch.  Who can really quit after weeks of doing that?

When I went cold turkey, I started on a Friday night.  I woke up Saturday and didn't do anything stressful.  I remember the whole weekend was a blur of watching movies, eating, sleeping, and walking the dog.  By Sunday night, I was a bit disoriented and facing the final hours of my physical withdrawal.  The next morning was the hard part, I began the work week while fighting the psychological urge for nicotine.  Work kept me business more than I thought it would.  When I came home, I kept busy with chores, hobbies and friends.  It was tough, but each day was a little bit better.

There were times when I was at home with nothing to do and the urge hit.  When that happened, I had one place I could go on-line that helped take my mind off lighting up a cigarette- www.WhyQuit.com and their visitor forum.  I specifically recall reading their benefits timetable to see how I would feel after certain quitting milestones.  It gave me the motivation I needed.

If you're considering quitting nicotine then I'd suggest having as many supporters as you can find, in person or on-line.  It really makes it easier.  People do care about your health.  Tell them you need their help and ask them to check in with you.  Don't just contact them when you need support.  After awhile, you'll realize you're not thinking about smoking every hour, and hours become days, days become weeks, and so on.  


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