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February 2013

Walk-in project

 ..for a dressing room not Christopher.  

B and I talked about this last summer and decided to have someone come in and install a custom closet space instead of doing it ourselves.  Cape cod homes typically have small closets upstairs, and mine's no different.  Sacrificing one bedroom for a walk-in dressing room really wasn't a difficult choice.  I'm  tired of digging through tiny closets in three different rooms just to find what I need.  

So after hiring a company to design the system I wanted, we did all the prep work before the company came in to complete the project.  This required tearing out trim, removing little cubbie hole shelves, and basically fitting drywall where I wanted the walls to be flat and uniform.

I gave up one existing corner closet in order to turn it into something else.  It sits between my bathroom and and the walk-in dressing room.  The plan was to insert recessed shelves on the bathroom side.  And put a hide-away ironing board cabinet where the closet door use to be. Both of these will fill up the old closet space much more efficently.  

Before shelving
Yes, that's a toliet in there

B had a hide-away timer and lamp that goes with the hide-away ironing board I had purchased, so we wired off the existing bathroom lights.  It will be a handy feature to make sure the iron turns off by itself.

It took a few day to demo, re-frame, and drywall the old closet space.  But now there's more storage for the bathroom and a nice hide away ironing board.  It doesn't even look like a closet was ever there before.

There was also a horrible wall filled with cramped shelving on one sloped wall.  We tore out everything and re-framed the space to allow for drywall to be added.  During the process I noticed the crawlspace behind the wall was missing insulation.  It took a lot of wiggling around but I was able to install new insulation to all the exterior sides of the interior wall.

Before wall
Home depot exploded

During the whole project, whenever I removed a wall to access ductwork or roof space, I kept finding the previous owner's old cribs and playpens.  It was interesting to look at but added more time than I wanted to by having to haul it all out.  Some of it was too big to remove through tiny access panels, so I had to carefully saw it in place in order to get it out.

But anyway, now it's just a matter of finishing the drywall mudding/sanding, adding trim and finally painting and then I'll be ready to go for the custom closet install.  The shelving will be framed with trim and needs to be painted but I'll save that for later.  There' s some work I need to do in the bathroom also.

Framed closet
Framed wall for folding ironing board

After wall
Built in shelving for bathroom