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Ragnar 2014 - Washington, D.C


This is what happens when twelve people band together for two days of non-stop relay running.
We started in Cumberland, MD on Friday morning at 630am.  12 people run 3 legs each for a total of 36 legs covering 200 miles.  

My legs:

1st leg: 9.4mi (Friday late afternoon)

2nd leg: 7.8mi (Saturday early morning)

3rd leg: 4.4mi

Total for me: 21.6mi

I had never heard of Ragnar until last year when I was invited to join a team.  Unfortunately, I couldn't  since it was last minute and I had other plans.  But this year, I got a second chance when someone offered a spot to me after the original runner was injured.  

While the mileage wasn't a worry, the lack of sleep, strange diet of coffee, power gels, and energy drinks, was.  I wasn't use to running that many times within 30+ hours.

I didn't know what to expect but was looking forward to it.  My team wanted to be ready for the morning of the race, so the captain organized a road trip for the night before.  We all met up after work on Thursday at various places in VA, DC, and MD.  We had two minivans that picked up everyone and made the journey to Cumberland, MD.  We made it to an Econolodge outside the city and crashed for the night around 10pm.  

The next two days were a mix of running, cheering, sleeping, and eating at all times of the day and night.  I'll always remember the great folks I teamed and shared such a unique experience with. Each one of my runs were fantastic, from the riverside tree lined 1st leg, the spooky AM in the woods 2nd leg, to the Mt. Vernon "don't leave anything in the tank" 3rd leg.

Ragnar Finisher

Thanks everyone for asking me to join in on the fun!

Ragnar finish


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