Mitad del Mundo

Mindo, Ecuador


Mindo is located about 80km from Quito, Ecuador.  It's well known for its flora and fauna. It is located in a valley in what is called the Mindo Nambillo Protected Forest , an ecosystem inhabited by some 500 varieties of birds and 90 species of butterflies.   

On the way there, Dad and I had to detour onto a mountain trail due to a mudslide that had closed down the highway.  After we arrived in Mindo, we learned from one of the touring companies what we could see nearby.  The first stop was a little residence that offered a private view of their backyard, which provided a sanctuary for hummingbirds.


Further up into the mountain, we found a tram that took us across a valley and to the waterfalls.


This trail took us down to Cascada Nambillo.


Dad the Traveler!


As you can see, the rain made the trek a little muddy.  While driving back home we discovered the landslide on the highway was still forcing cars to detour into the small mountain trail.  All the traffic throughout the day took a toll on the muddy trail, making it difficult for some front wheel drive vehicles to make it through.  After an hour wait on the highway, we eventually made it through the muddy detour with no problem and arrived back in Quito.



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