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After an excellent week in New Zealand, I'm on my way back to the shores of Australia.  I'll be adding a seperate section on how the week went and will have the photos uploaded after a day or two.  I filled up the 256mb on the digi and went through a couple rolls of 35mm, so you can imagine the beauty and awe inspiring views of NZ.  Although I was told repeatedly by others before I left about the kindness of kiwis', it was still a pleasant surprise to see it.  I'd have to admit I haven't had a perfect vacation like this, since I was in San Fran 10 years ago.  Everything clicked and the usual stressful rigors of planning a trip never came up.  I made a ton of friends and got to visit with trampers from the U.K, New Zealand, Australia (Queensland and Tazmania), and America (east and west coast).

It's not often you feel homesick for a city after only being there 10 days.  The first day of rain during my holiday appeared this morning, my feelings were in sync with the weather.  I'm already working on when I can come back and for how long. So after leaving Queenstown this morning, I stopped off in Christchurch for the day. A little relaxation is planned after several days of tramping.

More details later, Dan

you've got a brain cloud

..well that's not exactly what the doctor said but it felt like it when she told me I fractured a bone in my shoulder. Turns out, my bike accident over a month ago was a bit more damaging than I realized. Guess that says something about the tolerance of pain I have. So my cycling is on hold for awhile and I'm rearranging some activities I had planned for the next couple months. Not the way I wanted to start off my time here but it could have been worse.

The New Zealand trip is going to be changed the most. I had planned on doing a glacier hike but don't think that's advisable unless I get a note for the doc. They'll be plenty of other things to do but I was a bit disappointed. On the bright side, a 5 day hike to Milford sound might be doable.

During the last couple days I discovered one of the local aviary residents has been stopping by my patio to get the view of the city. It's a Kookaburra. Their call sounds like laughing. For more info

i's doin fine

One week later and after my checkup today, both eyes are 20/20. There's a great freedom in not being tied to my contacts or glasses any more. It's just great to wake up without grabbing glasses first thing.

Latest news- I'm working and planning for my next couple trips. I hope to get up to Brisbane over Columbus day weekend and I'm looking forward to a trip to New Zealand in November. During the interim I'm still cycling and running, at least starting to run this weekend now that my shoulder is feeling better. My boss lent me an Ironman video about Western Australia's Ironman race. So now I'm feeling the call to test my mettle. We'll see how that turns out as I get back into working out.

Not much else to say but my prayers go out to those still needing help from the aftermath of Katrina.

How you can help: The Red Cross