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9:30 Club - Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo

 Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo 

Tuesday night, Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo rocked DC's 9:30 Club with a tight set of 80's classics. Songs included:

  • All fired up
  • Shadows of the night
  • Invincible
  • I want out
  • Promises in the dark
  • Stop using sex as a weapon
  • You better run
  • We belong
  • Hell is for children
  • Heartbreaker
  • Hit me with your best shot
  • Love is a battlefield
  • Let's stay together

She said she's grown tired of singing "Hit me with your best shot".  Every year, she says it's leaving the playlist but fans fight back with petitions online.  So she offered to sing it only if the audience sang the chorus.  (Judging from her smiles during the song, I think we did an awesome job.)  Neil, her husband and long-time producer, performed on lead guitar and kept the energy up all night.  He doubled on piano while rotating through 4 or more guitars during the night, including an acoustic version of "You better run". Other band members included, Mick Mahan - grooving on bass and Chris Ralles - setting the perfect beat on drums. 

Prior to sitting down for the acoustic song break, Pat told a story about "You better run" first's video appearence on a little cable channel called MTV.  It was the second video MTV played, the first being the Bungles "Video killed the radio star".  Since the Bungles didn't have a guitarist, Pat and Neil's video would make history as the "first guitarist to ever appear on MTV". 

Even though I was a couple feet back from the stage, I missed out on getting a guitar pick although 3 people around me ended up with one.  (I bet none of them even knows how to tune a guitar, posers...)  At least I slapped hands with Pat and Neil midway through the lineup. 

Pat Benatar