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Scarabeo's new milestone


My Aprilia scooter hit the 10,000km mark on it's odometer, amid the hwy 50 commuter traffic this morning.  No celebratory fanfare was given except for me taking a moment to pull over at the next light to take a picture.  

The scooter's seen it's share of bumps, potholes, close-calls, and bad weather to last me a lifetime.  But the good days outweigh the bad and it still better to ride than being stuck in a car or a bus.  I don't know if I'll take it overseas again though.  If the country is "cycle-friendly" I probably would consider it.  If not, than the enjoyment is reduced significantly since all my sensory inputs are focused on keeping me safe rather than enjoying any portion of the ride.

I've gotten use to converting my speed from Km/hr to Mph also.  As you can tell from the photo above, the speedo only has Kmh.  I've gotten it up to 120Kmh (75mph) overseas on large highways, but never pegged it out at 160Kmh (99mph).  And I don't plan on trying it anytime soon.  Something about feeling like I'm sitting in a chair while the slightest highway bump can lift you out of your seat.  At least on a motorcycle you able to grip the sides more with your legs.

Anyway, I'm hoping I'll be able to post again when it hits the 10,000 mile mark. 

the mushroom

Mush during my days in sydney, i always referred warmly to this building as the mushroom. well, i'm in russia now, so why am i bringing up old photos?  i found out today, this pic was selected for a sydney city map guide.  the schmap website asked if they could include it in the upcoming guide.  since its basically public domain and anyone could have taken the shot, i said sure.  you can see it along with other city snaps, here: schmap's sydney city guide

if you're ever in sydney and find the mushroom. (martin place and castlereagh) check out the bar in the below ground level called the cta lounge. (cta stands for commerical travelers association)  the drinks are cheap.  however, there's an earlier than normal last call, so be ready to move on to the next pub after a few drinks.

long break

no, i'm not in a coma.  the last couple months have gone by with a flurry of activity and I kick myself for not jotting down a couple notes about what's going on.

i've been busying finishing up all the final details for my departure from sydney.  Some of the highlights.

  • bought a new toyota fj cruiser
  • packed up and shipped out all my stuff, including the scooter
  • helped a friend by letting "s" crash at my place while she looked for a new place in sydney
  • purchased some exercise equipment for my new place in russia
  • got my russian visa
  • finished ordering all my consumables
  • joined the rest of my co-workers for the ensuing apec (epic?) conference (ending this week)
  • to do yet - spend the last three days before i leave hanging out with friends i hope to see again down the road.

no pics right now, but i've been busying snapping some whenever i can. should have more to post soon.

another week and i'll be back in the states visiting family and friends.  by mid october i'll be in a new country and trying to catch up on learning the language.